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I was thinking of reviving my blog over the last two years. Didn’t get any good opportunity to do so for a while, but found one now.

I just got my first facebook application out, and feel good about it. Not because it was technically challenging, but I felt satisfied working on this one. – a micro finance, non-profit organization has recently opened their API. Awesome move! It allows developers to make applications that really matters. So a big THANK YOU to Kiva. I was also itching to try out facebook’s application platform, but didn’t want to do any stupid game or quiz application. Kiva’s API gave me the right opportunity.

My application currently allows you to search entrepreneurs/loans based on gender and country. You can either go to lending page or spread the word by showing support for entrepreneurs by displaying his facts and commenting on facebook profile. You can add application to your profile and show the world whom you recently supported. The facebook application also allows you to see recent activity of your friends, supporters and lenders for each entrepreneur and any users’ support history.

Hope facebook users will show support for these entrepreneur and help change lives.

More about Kiva : Kiva
My facebook application : Kiva Heads

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